Drug Crimes

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Florida is tought on drugs and Tampa Bay is no exception. If you’ve been arrested and have been charged with a drug felony or misdemeanor drug charge, call drug charge defense attorneys at Doyle, McCabe & Ucello. We are your best defense to avoid a lengthy jail or prison sentence. If you’re convicted on a drug charge, your record will be ruined and your finances will take a beating from fees and court costs.

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Call now so we can promptly advise and represent you, ideally, before you speak to an investigator about your case. We represent clients who need a drug crimes lawyer in Tampa/Hillsborough County, Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida and Pinellas County, Florida, Wesley Chapel to New Port Richey and Pasco County, Florida and in Sarasota/Bradenton in Manatee County, Florida.

What Type of Drug Charges Have You Been Arrested For in Tampa Bay?

If you’ve been charged with possesion or distribution of narcotics, drug trafficking or prescription drug charges in Tampa Bay, or any other drug crimes as listed below rest assured, Tampa Bay drug defense lawyers at Doyle, McCabe & Uccello are ready to defend you. There are various levels of drug charges that you can be arrested for, and many, many substances that carry their own penalties. It is crucial that you hire an aggressive drug defense lawyer who knows Florida Statutes and drug laws, and who can ensure that your rights are protected. Here are just some of the charges you may incur:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Armed Drug trafficking
  • Doctor shopping
  • Fraudulent Sale or Unlawful Possession
  • Manufacturing or cultivating of narcotics
  • Possession of drugs or paraphernalia
  • Prescription drug charges fraudulent sale or unlawful possession
  • Sale and distribution of drugs
  • Illegal use of a drug
Have You Been Arrested on Possession, Trafficking, Manufacturing or Sale of These Drugs?

Schedule I: High Potential For Abuse
Schedule II: High Potential For Abuse with Severely Restricted Medical Use
Schedule III: Potential For Abuse; Accepted Medical Use
Schedule IV: Low Potential For Abuse; Accepted Medical Use
Schedule V: Low Potential For Abuse; Accepted Medical Use

Penalties for Drug Charges in Florida – Call a Drug Defense Attorney St. Petersburg – Tampa – Sarasota – New Port Richey

Drug charges in Florida and the penalties can vary greatly because the penalty will depend on a variety of circumstances and factors of your case. If you have been charged with pot possession, possession of cocaine, heroin possession, PCP the fines and prison time can range anywhere from 1,000 to 50,000 in fines, and one to five or even fifteen years for second degree felony drug charges, plus probation.
If you look at the Florida Statutes, the list of illegal drugs are lengthy, and they are separated into “schedules” or classes of drugs. If you have been arrested on ANY drug charge in Tampa to Sarasota or in Pasco or Pinellas, Florida Law drug convictions come with a mandatory one year driver’s license suspension. To avoid this or a more serious penalty and prison time, call the Criminal defense team at Doyle, McCabe & Uccello.

Florida Drug Charge Defense – Criminal Defense Lawyers

Depending on what type and schedule of drug is involved in your case and what offense you have been charged with, if you’ve been arrested on a drug charge in Tampa Bay, you need a knowledgeable and aggressive Tampa drug charge defense Attorney. We’ll help you navigate through your drug offense from start to finish. As your criminal defense attorney, the first thing we’ll do is to make sure that your rights are protected under Florida Law. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure that the State Attorney’s case is legitimate, and lawful. If your case goes to trial we’ll use our knowledge and experience and use defense strategies that have been proven successful.

If it’s in your best interest, we can approach the state attorney with a request for a diversionary program. Examples of this are pretrial intervention or drug court. Avoiding formal drug charges which will involve a record that will be with you for life is possible only if you meet all of the requirements.

Doyle, McCabe & Ucello will offer the very best criminal defense and will represent you when you’ve been charged with a drug crime. Our focus will be to fight for your best interest using all possible resources. If at all possible, we will litigate to have your charges reduced or completely dropped.
The best criminal drug defense will depend on your particular situation. If you need a drug defense lawyer with experience, contact Doyle, McCabe & Ucello today for a free consultation.

  • Were You Illegally Searched?
  • Have You Been Mistaken For Someone Else?
  • Drugs Did Not Belong to You

Possible Penalties and Sentences for Tampa Bay Drug Charges

Florida state laws provide a range of punishments for drug offenses. The potential sentence or penalties for a drug possession charge depends on the following:

  • The type or schedule of the controlled substance
  • The type of charge
  • The degree of the misdemeanor or felony
  • Criminal history of violence
  • Prior felony convictions “career criminals”
  • Habitual felony offenders when there are additional charges

Florida Drug Possession Statute
Florida Statutes Section 893.13