Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Case Updates

Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Attorneys Kelly McCabe and Joseph Uccello with the Pinellas County Florida law firm Florida criminal law, news, updatesDoyle, McCabe & Uccello spent the week preparing for a week long trial scheduled to begin November 27. Our client faces a minimum mandatory life in prison sentence if convicted of Home Invasion Robbery.

The State Attorney Assigned to the case has hired an expert witness to talk about some recently discover evidence and that has prompted us to entertain hiring our own expert to rebut that evidence.

Felony Traffic Case

Attorneys, Joseph Uccello and Kelly McCabe were able to convince the State of Florida in a Felony Driving While License Suspended case to drop the charge to a misdemeanor No Valid Drivers License.  This was important for our client because it saved our client from becoming a convicted felon and from becoming a Habitual Traffic Offender, a term the Department of Motor Vehicles uses when it has suspended a person’s drivers license for 5 years.

Traffic Tickets Dismissed

Our goal is to get your tickets dismissed whenever possible. This week, our experience as Pinellas County Florida traffic ticket defense lawyers enabled us to have 2 traffic tickets dismissed.

Bond Supervision Removal

This week Attorney Joseph Uccello asked to have a client’s bond supervision removed and his request was granted.  Our client needed to travel out of state for medical issues.  Because our client was on “Supervised Release on Own Recognizance” he was not allowed to travel without the court’s approval.  By filing a motion and having it heard and argued successfully, the supervision requirement was removed as a condition of his bond.  Our client can now travel freely during the pendency of his case.

Criminal defense Attorneys Joseph Uccello and Kelly McCabe are seasoned Florida criminal defense trial lawyers. If you need a criminal defense attorney in Pinellas County, Florida or surrounding Pasco, Hillsborough or Manatee County, please reach out to us today for a consultation.

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