Criminal Defense Case Updates 11-10-17

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorneys McCabe and Uccello Case Updates November 11, 2017 This week has been a productive week defending our client's criminal law cases . As criminal defense lawyers located in Pinellas County, Florida, serving the citizens of Tampa Bay by achieving the best possible outcomes for them is always our goal. We continue [...]

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Criminal Case Updates 11-03-17

Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Case Updates Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Attorneys Kelly McCabe and Joseph Uccello with the Pinellas County Florida law firm Doyle, McCabe & Uccello spent the week preparing for a week long trial scheduled to begin November 27. Our client faces a minimum mandatory life in prison sentence if convicted of Home [...]

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Case Verdicts and Updates

Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Case Verdicts and Updates Please follow the links below to view our 2017 case verdicts and updates.   If you are looking for assistance or information about our services or law firm,  please contact us. Verdicts/Updates - October 11, 2017   

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Criminal Case Verdicts October 11 2017

Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Case Updates Week Ending 10/6/2017 As seasoned Tampa Bay criminal defense attorneys we are always joyous when we succeed in defending our clients. We win a large amount of criminal cases for our clients in Tampa Bay and although we are no less pleased when we win one case or the [...]

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Arrested for Domestic Violence in Tampa Bay

Attorneys for Domestic Violence in Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater and Pasco County, FL Domestic violence charges can mark a turning point in your life especially if you make the wrong decisions directly after your arrest. If you've been arrested and charged with domestic violence in Florida you need a Tampa Bay domestic violence criminal defense [...]

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Attention to Details Leads to Aquittal

Tampa St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Lawyer and Her Attention to Details Kelly McCabe is an accomplished Tampa/St. Petersburg criminal defense attorney who is tough, tenacious and attentive. Her diligence in examining the details of a criminal case, has resulted in being successful in obtaining acquittals for her clients who have been charged with violent crimes, drug and other [...]

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